Joy Creates Hotel Cuisine

The holidays! Such a fun time to travel for family get-togethers! It can also be a horrible time for weight gain, lethargy and illness. Much of this has to do with getting out of our normal routine, not exercising like we normally do, more meals than we normally eat, fewer healthful choices that we would normally make.

In addition to the recipes in this little book, I also suggest that you go into each holiday phase with your own “survival kit” of better food choices so that when you go to a holiday function, you’re not starving AND you’ve gotten some good stuff in your body and have set yourself up for better choices.

I call this section “hotel cuisine” but even if you’re not staying at a hotel, consider stocking your kitchen (or the kitchen where you will be staying) with some quick things to grab. If you ARE in a hotel, I always ask for a fridge to be put in my room and sometimes, as in the video that accompanies this, I have to get creative and use the mini-bar or even an ice bucket! Planning ahead makes it work.

If you’re able to get to a grocery store once at your destination, this can be easier but I’ve made do with what I can get in my bag, as well!


Raw almonds & Cashews mixed with dried cranberries. (Any mixture of nuts and dried fruit will do. I suggest making your own to ensure quality and absence of those chocolate pieces lots of “trail mix” has in them,) remember that if you are watching your weight, a handful or 2 of this is plenty.

Your favorite snack bars (ask me if you want to know what I use!)

Fresh Fruit. If you’re bringing from home, I suggest “sturdy” choices: apples, even grapes and berries in containers. Avoid things like pears and bananas as they can get “smushed” and all over everything. If I bring berries, I like to take them along when having breakfast out to add flavor and nutrition to the meal. I like to do this with avocados at any meal!

Baby carrots, cut up celery, red peppers, cucumbers, etc.

Hummus and/or nut butter. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to take these through security so either check in a bag (well sealed) or buy at your destination.

Gluten free crackers or baked chips (lentil, corn, etc.)

I’ve even brought left-over healthy dishes with me!

My number one tip and strategy, however, is to start each day with a whole food shake. Not just a protein shake but one that is dairy free, high in fiber and contains really quality ingredients. I usually just bring a shaker and use water or I pack a tetra pack of plant milk, if I’m checking a bag or buy a container of it at my destination. I also know that you can freeze any of these liquids and they will pass through security as long as it is still frozen. (U.S. rules…did not work last time I went to Canada!) I have gone so far as to pack my nutri-bullet when I want to entice my husband to join me in this healthy way to start the day!
(Ask me, if you want to know what smoothie mix I like best!)


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