Cucumber Rolls

I LOVED the idea of this recipe and it was the first one I tried for this season. I am always on the look out for “fancy” dishes that I can use for parties and this one sounded like it might fit the bill.

First the positives: love using cucumbers as the “wrapper”: they’re great for your skin as they aid in detoxification, which also helps promote a healthy weight. Red peppers are super high in vitamin C (anti-cancer) and can improve night vision because of the high folate levels. I used more than the recipe called for and I liked the way the red looked with the green and white of the cucumber and hummus. Using hummus is always a positive, no matter what it’s made from: chickpeas, white beans, etc…beans are great for us on every level!

Then the Ho No Chevre Pure! OMG…I’m definitely in love with this product…a very unique flavor. Made with cashews, lemon, and nutritional yeast, we get all the health benefits of these ingredients along with the amazing taste and NO milk! Yay!

Now, the drawbacks: for an unaccomplished chef, getting the cucumber sliced as thin as it should be will be a challenge, as it was for me. I might try asking the deli counter at my grocery store to slice them…great idea! I was able to soften them a bit by salting them and storing them in the fridge overnight. (I like the flavor the salt added)

These remind me of my eggplant roll ups and I think rather than spread the ingredients over the whole surface, it might be easier to concentrate them at the beginning of the roll up.

Overall, I loved the flavor and the look of the ones I actually successfully arranged but they were pretty time-consuming. I’m definitely going to try this recipe again and would love to perfect them for summertime gatherings.

cucumber roll

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