What does it take to make an athlete?

Every coach wants to provide cutting edge training techniques to help their athletes become the very best athlete that they can be. But they CAN”T do it all. Several other things go into to creating a TOP Athlete.

First: and you will be surprised by this, sleep is key. Unless your athlete/child is getting sufficient sleep, they can’t incorporate the gains made during their training sessions. Children need more sleep than adults and child athletes (and adult athletes) need even more. Children between 10 and 17 need 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep per night and sometimes, athletes of this age need even more. One good way to know how much sleep your child needs is to eliminate sound and light for 3 nights…a weekend, perhaps? On the first night, you may witness your child sleep for up to 24 hours! On the second night, a little less and on the 3rd night, your child will most likely sleep the amount they need regularly. It is important to make sure they get this amount of sleep every night! Not just for athletic performance but for school performance, health and happiness!

Second: Hydration. Hydration will help your athlete/child to

  • Optimize their athletic potential
  • Maintain adequate energy levels
  • Lead to the proper functioning of nerves & muscles
  • Think clearly & quickly
  • Acclimate to warmer or colder weather
  • Reduce the likelihood of cramps
  • Allow their heart to work efficiently
  • Accurately perceive intensity level
  • Assist in the maintenance of a cooler body temperature

How much water? Well, short of measuring urine output, most experts agree that we all need half of our body weight (in ounces) AND an additional quart for every hour of physical activity. Kids like cold water, so we encourage using Hydroflasks (or something similar) and filling them with ice AND water. (the straw top is a great addition for kids!) These are available at most sporting goods stores or through www.amazon.com or www.hydroflask.com

Third: Mental Conditioning! Talk to us about this and we will give you some suggestions.
We really like: https://www.competitivedge.com

Fourth: This is a biggie: Nutrition!! This is a huge blind spot for most parents and athletes. Many parents are mistakenly under the impression that their active child doesn’t need to worry about nutrition, other than having sufficient calories for their training demands! Nothing could be further from the truth! Athletes have considerable stress on their bodies from training and stress from competition, travel, etc. Getting anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and other key components FROM a nutrient-dense diet is KEY for your athlete/child to perform at high levels and to recover and lead a healthy life. It is simply not possible for anyone, let alone a child-athlete, to get enough nutrition from their diet. That’s why we many coaches and nutritionists recommend a nutrient dense, whole food concentrate AND a program of eating that gives your child their best shot at high level performance. Here’s a short video and you can see many more on our website as well as see the 30+ studies conducted on this program. We think you will agree, that this is the very best thing you can give your child-athlete as they train hard for their sport.

Let us know if you have questions. We can also arrange for scholarships for athletes that will offset the cost of participation in this program. There are a few requirements, so we’d like to go over that with you.